Broadcast live on our station 3/4/19 @ 7pm

Deena - "The Mueller Report" from "The Mueller Report [single]"
Graduation Speech - "This Is A Gift" from "This Is A Gift [single]"
Mike Daly & The Planets - "Any Given Night" from "All It Takes Is One"
Night Windows- "Someone Else's Apartment" from "A Week or Two That Will Sorely Be Missed"
nox & lifestealer - "i played this song with a razor instead of a pick" from "bible on a stick"
Solar Bums - "Ooo" from "Solar Bums"
Lowlight - "Give It A Minute" from "Endless Bummer"
Nitty B - "Cocky Flow" from "Cocky Flow [single]"
Are You Why - "List Of Repairs" from "I Wuz Here"
FRND CRCL - "UnXpTbl" from "UnXpTbl [single]"
Ogbert The Nerd - "It's Fine (I'm Fine)" from "EP"
Quiz Show - "Almost Famous" from "Almost Famous [single]"
Big Texas - "Birdcage" from "Big Texas Grand Opening"
Deaf Skulls - "Old Habits" from "Simple Songs for Simple People"
Graywood - "Walkout" from "Graywood"
Sister Ancestor - "Super Moon" from "Super Moon [single]"

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