Broadcast live on our station 2/25/19 @ 7pm

Sleep In. - "Deena" from "The Stars On Your Ceiling"
Hang Tight - "It's So Whatever" from "It's So Whatever"
Tie Goes To The Runner - "Companion" from "TGTTR - a self titled collection of songs by Tie Goes To The Runner"
Newfoundman- "Backwards Again" from "Backwards Again [single]"
Joe Juliano - "How Many Times" from "How Many Times [single]"
Pepperwine - "No Doubt About It" from "Bright Ideas"
Elementality - "Free As The Wind" from "Elementality"
The Schwam - "Bas's Funky Jazz Mobile" from "Outrun The Sun: The Secret Tracks"
Jutaun - "Young Lion (Roots Version)" from "Young Lion [single]"
Robby Bloodshed - "Green Skies Glow" from "Green Skies Glow/This Night I Call Bad Luck"
Sally Draper - "Landing Strip" from "Landing Strip [single]"
Mazur - "Another Way" from "Demo 1"

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