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Broadcast live on our station 2/18/19 @ 7pm

James Booth & The Return - "Thursday Night At The Whit" from "Third Star In The Sky"
The Grip Weeds - "Vibrations" from "Trip Around The Sun"
Tura Lura - "Old New" from "Tura Lura"
Rest Ashore - "Last Afternoon On Earth" from "Annihilation EP"
Louvena The Scout - "Moon/space/you" from "Moon/space/you [single]"
Nick Oriold - "Sad Song" from "Wonderful"
New Day Dawn - "Rise" from "Shine"
The Weeklings feat. Peter Noone - "Friday On My Mind" from "Friday On My Mind [single]"
Stiff Neck - "My Own Disaster" from "Family Friendly"
The Stewart Dolly - "Afterthought" from "Big Split"
Cash Test Dummy - "Destiny" from "Big Split"
Mulva - "Caroline" from "Big Split"
Friendo - "Everywhere But Where I Am" from "Split w/ Jab"
Jab - "Different Animals" from "Split w/ Friendo"
Matt Goode - "Wildfire" from "Head Songs"

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