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Broadcast live on our station 1/21/19 @ 7pm

Jon Caspi & The First Gun - "Never Change" from "Never Change [single]"
Blank Pages - "Let It Flow" from "Into The Ether"
Halogens - "O'Gorman" from "Happy Hour"
courtlyn louise - ""Okay" (demo)" from "Excuses"
Dave Gunderson - "Bear The Cross (But Hide The Truth)" from "In The Autumn Evening Sky"
Sink Tapes - "Cut Flowers" from "Cut Flowers [single]"
The Warhawks - "Don't Fuck With Me" from "Never Felt So Good"
Groomers - "Rachel Ray Charles" from "Grow Upright"
egg - "For What It's Worth" from "Sophia"
Mungo's List - "My Eighty-Nine Cents (Rough Mix)" from "My Eighty-Nine Cents (Rough Mix) [single]"
Dustin James - "Albatross" from "Depth In Absentia E.P."
Dunkerhook - "All I Ever Wanted (iphone recording)" from "Dunker Demos Daze"
Holly Mae - "L/H" from "11519"
Taylor Shiroff - "Infinite" from "Streams To The Sea"
True Things - "Breathing" from "Memory Lane"

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