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Broadcast live on our station 1/14/19 @ 7pm

Ezra Caspi - "The Best Is Yet To Come" from "The Best Is Yet To Come"
Bruce Donnola - "Hoppin' John" from "Songs That Come And Go"
Jake Bogardus - "Your Guy" from "A Couple Of Songs For You"
The Paper Jets - "Go On, Go On" from "Everyday Forever"
HoneyTrap - "Say Something" from "Some NJ Sounds"
Matt Pucci - "Two Uncles" from "Uncle Lloyd & Uncle Bernie"
Moot Point - "There Is No Breakthrough" from "The Point Is Fucking Moot"
Lodger - "Friday Night" from "Demo"
Wasting Moonlight - "Something More" from "Something More||Anything You Need"
Sink Tapes - "It's A Feel Good" from "Playground Demos"
Sean Connolly - "Face Value" from "Face Value EP"
Keith Egan - "Belong" from "Telegraph Hill Records Volume 1"
Junk Food The Band - "Rythm and Boos" from "Brush Your Teeth"
Video Tractor - "Passing Time (Demo)" from "I Recorded Everything Myself: That's Not a Brag, Its a Cry for Help"

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