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Broadcast live on our station 1/7/19 @ 7pm

Little Big Toe - "Copy Of A Copy" from "Champagne and Coffee Stains"
Night Windows - "World Out Of This World" from "A Week or Two That Will Sorely Be Missed"
The Deafening Colors - "Count On A Crime" from "Run Pass Option"
Goodbye Berlin - "Secret Summer" from "Home"
Russell Hayden - "Vices (ft. Bree & Janine Silano)" from "cabin."
Dub Proof - "Frozen Dub Melodica Version (ft. Addis Pablo)" from "Frozen Dub EP"
Connor Bracken and the Mother Leeds Band - "Read On You" from "Telegraph Hill Records Volume 1"
The Last Martyr - "Disorder" from "Disorder [single]"
Palamino - "Deeper" from "Palamino LP1"
Scout - "Darling" from "Darling [single]"
Mauch - "Mauch On Stimulants" from "Mauch On Stimulants [single]"
Stuyascent - "Waltz For A Better End" from "New Years For Those Who Celebrate"
LT Turntable - "Darling Be Home Soon" from "BLT"
Hello Whirled - "Robot Dance (Ewing)" from "Dead Magnolias"

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