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Broadcast live on our station 1/1/19 @ 7pm

Bobby Mahoney and the Seventh Son - "Should Have Called You Up (Last Night)" from "Telegraph Hill Records Volume 1"
The Wag - "She's A Devil" from "We Carry On"
Scout - "Maybe" from "Maybe [single]"
Fuhgawee Hunting Club - "Peel Back" from "Natural Human Tendencies"
WolvesMouth - "Darker Entities" from "Glass Bones"
Experiment 34 - "Well You Know" from "What Dying Feels"
George Wirth - "American Dream" from "American Dream [single]"
Mollie Frie - "Apartments" from "QOL"
Des & The Swagmatics - "Black to Blue" from "Telegraph Hill Records Volume 1"
Bacon Hammer - "Cold Moon" from "Cold Moon [single]"
Shinner - "Penhead" from "Penhead [single]"
Fangers - "Strays" from "Strays [single]"
The Marathon - "Mountains" from "Mountains [single]"
Avery Mandeville - "Encore (Live In Asbury Park)" from "Telegraph Hill Records Volume 1"

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