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Broadcast live on our station 12/17/18 @ 7pm

The Washups - "Arm and a Leg" from "Better Late Than Never"
The Dirtee Blondes - "Total Mitosis of the Heart" from "Total Mitosis of the Heart/Run Anyway"
Denver Pike - "A Dream" from "Demonstratif [EP]"
By Torchlight - "Burn Away" from "The Flames of the Phoenix, Pt 2"
Saaj - "Forlorn" from "Call To Arms"
Bound Alive - "Can Never Tell" from "Can Never Tell [single]"
Dave Vargo - "This Time Around" from "This Time Around [single]"
Lawnchairs - "Stone Tongued Snake" from "Animals (In Predicaments)"
The Pointless Atlantic - "We'll Fall Apart" from "We'll Fall Apart [single]"
Bronze For Birdy - "Tommy" from "Tommy [single]"
Path - "Cloud" from "Still (B Sides)"
Brother Valiant - "Self-Pity" from "Self-Pity [single]"
Vincent Brue - "Old Timer" from "Naughty World"
Quinn Kennedy - "It's A Draw" from "Benking Bepper Dewop"
Old Smile - "Distant Feeling" from "Reversible Prime"

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