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Broadcast live on our station 12/10/18 @ 7pm

Puppyboy - "Shrines" from "The Something Something EP"
Stay - "Marigold" from "Marigold [single]"
Idle Wave - "Smoke (Bad Dreams)" from "Idle Wave"
Dave Vargo - "Battle Burns" from "Battle Burns [single]"
Ada - "Leaves, Dead & Pretty" from "White Moon Hot"
Brother Valiant - "Two Fish" from "Two Fish [single]"
Grey Goes Black - "I Know We Could Be So Happy Baby [If We Wanted to Be] (Jeff Buckley)" from "Don't Skip This Track - A Compilation of Underrated Songs"
Gambo - "Boredom" from "A Split Between Alomar & Gambo"
Dance Out Yr Cancer - "The Gears" from "Genius Ape (Demo)"
Night Windows - "Chain Smoking Cigarettes" from "Chain Smoking Cigarettes [single]"
Greg Etter - "Heavy Hand" from "Fickle Seas"
Arrows In Her - "Too Afraid to Ask" from "Too Afraid to Ask [single]"
DownTown Mystic - "Think A Little Louder" from "Think A Little Louder [single]"
Heather Grey - "Clearview" from "The Long Drive Home From Tennessee (The B-Sides)"
Glume - "Haven" from "Haven [single]"

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