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Broadcast live on our station 11/26/18 @ 7pm

Fairmont - "Lacuna Inc." from "We Will Burn That Bridge When We Get To It"
Delicate Flowers - "Gaze" from "Die Progress Unit I"
Montague - "Unique Monique" from "Last Dog On Earth"
Yellow Dog - "Gracefully Haunted" from "She's A Ghost"
Quinnie - "Warm Body" from "Split!"
Possum In My Room - "spectres visible from across the forest" from "The Sisters EP"
Elevator Pitch - "Eric" from "First Floor"
The Atomic Dinosaurs - "Cherry Burning Love - Demo" from "Demosauraus Rex"
Lily Vakili Band - "Daddy's Home" from "Oh Alright"
Winnebago - "On The Ropes" from "Human Cig"
Josh Robinson - "Wavicles" from "Josh's Song Book: The Hoodoo Meat Bucket (expanded)"
Paul Holda Band - "Advice From Lawrence" from "Maniacs from the 4th Dimension"
Sonofdov - "Crimson Road" from "Stuff This In Yer Face!"
Crowded Shoulders - "Adjust" from "Adjust [single]"
Bacon Hammer - "Pants Poopin' Spooky" from "Pants Poopin' Spooky [single]"
Mandancing - "I Really Like You" from "Emo-Tion [Carly Rae Jepson tribute]"

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