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Lazlo's Den Presents New Music
Broadcast live on our station 11/13/18 @ 7pm

Matt Collaborate - "Crossroads" from "Crossroads / You Can't Go Home Again"
Foxwarren - "Everything Apart" from "Foxwarren"
Hanson - "I Was Born" from "String Theory"
The Fisherman & The Sea - "Ugly (Grinna remix)" from "Ugly [single]"
Mike Krol - "Little Drama" from "Power Chords"
Shining - "Everything Dies" from "Animal"
Hot 8 Brass Band - "Love Will Tear Us Apart" from "Love Will Tear Us Apart [single]"
Mozaiq - "Rootsy Roots (feat. E.N Young, Inna Vision)" from "Rootsy Roots (feat. E.N Young, Inna Vision) [single]"
Shad - "The Revolution/The Establishment" from "A Short Story About A War"
Deer Tick - "Hey! Yeah!" from "Mayonnaise"
Psycho Pat - "I Swear" from "I Write About The Dead"
Ruler - "Unhindered Pace" from "Winning Star Champion"
VanWyck - "Ballad Of The Quiet Citizen 2018" from "Ballad Of The Quiet Citizen 2018 [single]"
Brother Ali - "Sensitive" from "Sensitive [single]"

#SupportGoodMusic - If you like what you hear, purchase the music from their site