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Broadcast live on our station 11/12/18 @ 7pm

21 Kings - "Without A Doubt" from "Things I Couldn't Say (EP)"
Tony Saxon - "Teenage Depression" from "Manic Depresive Idiot Savant"
Shut Up! - "Better Luck Next Time" from "2018 Promo"
Cold Weather Company - "Brothers" from "Find Light"
Tura Lura - "i80" from "i80 [single]"
The Paper Jets - "Charlie It Can't Be Done" from "Everyday Forever"
Keith Peters - "Call Them What They Are" from "This Must Be The Place"
Gordon Thomas Ward - "One Kiss" from "Providence"
Sam Wade - "Lonely View" from "Back 2 The Cool"
Sparks Fly From A Kiss - "The Swell" from "The Swell"
Shane-Michael Vidaurri - "Let The Boys Kiss" from "The Cat Man Is On His Own Again"
Hang Tight - "Afterglow" from "Afterglow [single]"
The Penguin and The Prospector - "Fear Of Geese Part Two" from "Songs About Driving in the Cold"
grooves & HipHop feat. Conni Freestone - "Fizzy Fruit" from "Fizzy Fruit [single]"
Fence - "Mountain" from "I Wrote This For You Because I Love You: A Messy House Compilation"

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