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Broadcast live on our station 11/5/18 @ 7pm

Ruby Bones - "Not Enough" from "Laser EP"
Rockstar Racecar - "The Real Housewives of Pyongyang" from "The Real Housewives of Pyongyang"
Coolridge - "Mercy Me" from "We could only afford an hour in the studio..."
Aquino and Ernio Hernandez - "Thanks For Giving Me" from "Stuff This In Yer Face!"
Lynds Mika - "Dead Weight" from "Lack Of"
Tom Flynn - "Fuel Line" from "Travels"
aBIRD - "Fuck You (And You And You)" from "Hard Times In Two Dimensions"
Goodbye The Band - "Let's Befriend The Unspeakable Darkness" from "Let's Befriend The Unspeakable Darkness [single]"
Brother Valiant - "Last Words" from "Last Words [single]"
Wizard Brain - "Outskirts Of A Dream" from "Slump"
Daimon Alexandrius - "Weird Nowhere" from "Weird Nowhere"
The Jack Moves - "Free Money" from "Free Money"
Fletcher Lake - "Wings Are Broken (Again)" from "Oh Just Forget It EP"
Pech Creek - "In Summary" from "Ephemera"
Hidden Cabins - "News At Eleven (Whomp Version)" from "The Hidden Cabins Band"
Val Emmich - "I Am A Middle Child" from "Autobio (Part Two)"
Andy's Moonshine Band - "Bayhouse" from "Songs I Hate"
David Sol - "Luna Park" from "Dissertation Writing"

Interview with Dan Siano from Maze Effect (fka Mazeffect)
See Maze Effect live for the first time in over a decade, Friday 11/9 @ Brighton Bar (a Banding Together benefit for Spondylitis Association Of America)
Maze Effect - "Even A Lion from "Rock Against Hate Vol. 1"

I've Forgotten Freedom - "I Can't Forgive If I Can't Forget" from "Forget EP"
Jug & The Bugs - "Beat Tattoo" from "Graveyard Party"
Thirsty Guys - "Not Playing Fest (Demo)" from "Not Playing Fest (Demo) [single]"
Dookieshecky - "Never Wanna Let you Down" from "Bass Fishing"
Grey Goes Black - "Break Apart Again" from "Break Apart Again / Don't Stop"
Hello Whirled - "Salted Caramel Petri Dish" from "Destined For Lateness"
Brian McParland - "Doing Nothing" from "Small Talk"
Mike Oregano - "Lion" from "Hustlin'"

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