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Broadcast live on our station 10/29/18 @ 7pm

City Line - "The Winds On Schellenge" from "Wind & Tide"
Powerlines - "Used To" from "Inertia EP"
Modern Crowds - "Pyramid Scheme" from "Pyramid Scheme [single]"
Lily Vakili Band - "Dreamy Dreamers" from "Oh Alright"
Laree Cisco - "You've Got My Number" from "The Motown Chronicles Vol. 1"
Sad About Girls - "Freeway" from "Freeway [single]"
The Ratchets - "2-4-6-8 Motorway" from "First Light"
Death By Fiction - "The Natural" from "The Natural [single]"
The Wedge - "Underground" from "The Price Of Pork"
Wake - "Malibu" from "Wake"
Brandon Glovich - "Something More" from "Something Temporary"
Levy & The Oaks - "Obsessive Love" from "Sound Of The City EP"
Jake Stanton - "I Love You" from "Planning To Laugh"
P.S. 118 - "Vacation Apartments" from "Vacation Apartments"

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