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Broadcast live on our station 10/15/18 @ 7pm

Dentist - "Corked" from "Night Swimming"
Sad About Girls - "Be Glad" from "Moment In A Box - Digital Single"
D'Arcy - "Disorder" from "D'Arcy"
Boots - "Jersey Baby" from "Made For This"
Kacey - "Wanna Make You Feel Better" from "Something Beautiful"
Hit Like A Girl - "Take Up My Time" from "What Makes Love Last"
Diego Allessandro - "With These Hands" from "This American Life"
Tim Foljahn - "Garden Lady" from "Fucking Love Songs Monophonic Demos"
Michael Patrick - "When Everything Was Broken" from "John Wayne Movies"
Well Wisher - "Sweet" from "This Is Fine"
Flycatcher - "Miles" from "Other Things"
Night Birds - "Radium Girls" from "Roll Credits"
Louvena The Scout - "It Wouldn't Have Worked Anyway" from "Spinal Cord"
Squat! - "Funeral Organs and Wedding Bells" from "Squat!"
Mean Joey and the Rumblers - "Where Eagles Dare" from "I Was A Teenage Frankenstein-The origin of the Misfits"
Young Legs - "Miss Misery" from "Mint 400 Records Presents: At the Movies"

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