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Broadcast live on our station 10/1/18 @ 7pm

Afloat - "Crush Me" from "Banding Together 2018 Compilation"
Mother Nevada - "Gonna Be Toug Sleepin'" from "Self Portrait"
Old Smile - "Quiet Nights" from "Start Over Again/Quiet Nights"
Cigs Inside - "All That Was His." from "The Oboe Sessions"
Andrew Ciardella - "Mobile Of Paranoia" from "The Rough Lakehouse Demos"
A Painting Of Us - "Party At Matt's House" from "Mixed Forecast"
Jake - "Pure" from "Yosemite"
Steam Enginess - "Mina" from "Fairytale"
Nick Jorgensen - "The Otherside" from "The Otherside [single]"
Let Me Write It - "You Said You Like The Rain" from "Ever Ours"
Quinn Kennedy - "The Thieves" from "The Lo-Fi Experience"
Volvo Physics - "Vortex" from "Battle: Concord"
Fughawee Hunting Club - "Mirrors" from "Banding Together 2018 Compilation"
Pat Bilodeau - "Crossing Over" from "Use Less"
Night Birds - "Onward To Obscurity" from "Roll Credits"

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