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Broadcast live on our station 9/24/18 @ 7pm

Above The Moon - "This Worry" from "This Worry [single]"
Screaming Females - "Black Moon" from "All At Once"
State Of Mind - "Proverbial Credence" from "State Of Mind"
Elbowache - "Breakup Song" from "Zero Fantasy"
Curtis Campbell - "Losing Control" from "Soulus"
Jon Cozz - "Braincation" from "Braincation [single]"
Louvena The Scout - "It's Hard To Sleep In A Messy Bedroom" from "Spinal Cord"
Dave Gunderson - "Take Me Off To The Light" from "By The Light Of The Moon"
Laree Cisco - "Silly Games" from "The Motown Chronicles Volume 1"
Brain Flower - "Seeking Guidance" from "Seeking Guidance [single]"
Denim Mob - "Dive (Demo)" from "Demos"
Danny Carlson - "Now I Found You" from "I Think I Would Be A Good Creator For A Tony Hawk Game EP"
Project Atlantic - "Moving On" from "Moving On - EP"
Hello Whirled - "Our Own Black Hole" from "Equinox"
Lost Culture - "Purple Waves" from "Lost Culture"

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