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Broadcast live on our station 9/17/18 @ 7pm

Newfoundman - "Colors" from "Colors [single]"
Kahlil Ali - "Zen" from "Song100"
Hodera - "Hey Ana" from "Hey Ana [single]"
Shutter - "Sedated" from "Neon Dreams"
Shot - "Rachmanioff" from "Shot"
J Thoubbs - "Time Is Catching Up With You" from "J Thoubbs Finds the Missing Link! (Deluxe Edition)"
Staten - "Dirt" from "Dirt [single]"
Strides In Tandem - "Summer Fling" from "That, Then This"
Fever Dreams - "Catch The Sun" from "Half A Moment"
Young Puzzle - "Funkymelt" from "EP 1"
Petal Aggression - "Missed Opportunity" from "Live At Wrench Fest"
Still Feel Gone - "Vulcher" from "Vulcher [single]"
Preserve The Moose - "Why Not Me?" from "A Fine Line"
Red Kelly - "Dover's Over" from "EP?"
Skylar Pocket - "29" from "29 / Elixir"

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