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Broadcast live on our station 9/10/18 @ 7pm

The Sickies - "Radioactive, Baby!" from "demo"
Phulton - "Lattice" from "Red Duster"
Jeff Linden and the Black Spot Society - "County Line" from "County Line [single]"
Eric Goldberg - "Ire" from "ire [single]"
Big Texas - "Pine Soap" from "Face"
Quinn Kennedy - "Mourners Never Came" from "Mourners Never Came [single]"
Germaine & Gypsy - "I'll Get To It" from "The Pancre Inside Us"
Doctor Lotto - "Essay on New York" from "Dream C D"
Uncle Einar - "On The Fence" from "How Deep Is Your Rabbit Hole?"
orion lake - "the future is not that scary" from "angelface"
Mim - "Soon" from "Mary"
Delsea Drive - "Before You Wake" from "Before You Wake [single]"
Andy Waldron - "Oooooooh" from "Needle / Oooooooh"
Noisy Ghost - "Wait" from "Try Again"
Ancient Babies - "My Heart Will Go On" from "Min 400 Records Presents At The Movies"
Shoujo Boy - "Gemini Sun" from "Five Songs + A cover"

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