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Broadcast live on our station 9/4/18 @ 7pm

Hit Like A Girl - "Breathe You In" from "What Makes Love Last"
Judo Chop - "Harsh Toke" from "Rockn' The Water"
Creeping Hush - "Living Death" from "From Beneath You It Devours"
The Wag - "Everybody Said" from "We Carry On"
Laree Cisco - "Life's A Book (Don't Slip Up)" from "The Motown Chronicles Vol. 1"
Lily Vakili Band - "Summer So Far" from "Summer So Far [single]"
Well Wisher - "I Know Better" from "This Is Fine"
Sherilyn Fender - "Behind A Glass Eye" from "All That Jazz: Alternate Mixes, Recordings, And Stuff"
We're Ghosts Now - "Gun In Hand" from "Gun In Hand [single]"
Boots - "We Go High" from "Made For This"
la vi - "Luci fer" from "Bye August"
OK Friends - "In Love" from "(Mostly) Everything)"
Murdock - "I'm A Mess" from "Rebirth"
Ocean Heights - "Come and Hang for a Minute" from "Come and Hang for a Minute [single]"
Joseph Mancuso - "Indigo" from "Let's Go Harder [Experimental]"
i know who you are and you are nothing - "Dogwalker" from "A Sunshower Lovebug"

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