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Broadcast live on our station 8/27/18 @ 7pm

Lion-Hearted - "The Inevitable" from "SP3: The Power Of 3"
Nick Oriold - "Don't Call Me" from "Don't Call Me [single]"
Building Stars - "Lost" from "Outliars"
Laybrum - "Stay Above The Grave" from "At This Age"
Jasper & The Kids - "Wisdom Tree (Live)" from "Wisdom Tree (Live)"
Fake Blood - "hot Glow" from "Assorted Demos"
Kerfol - "Agido" from "Agido EP"
Old Smile - "Another One" from "Ripple Trail"
Kay Roman - "Love" from "Love [single]"
Mother Nevada - "I'm Drunk" from "The Dogsitter"
Devin World - "Promise" from "Speed Of Youth"
Mike Ferraro - "Scorched White Earth" from "Mickey's Megachurch"
Andy Waldron - "Adored" from "Adored b/w Trinity Church"
Maggie W - "Get Lost" from "Get Lost [single]"
Uncle Einar - "Beautiful Seams" from "How Deep Is Your Rabbit Hole"

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