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Broadcast live on our station 8/20/18 @ 7pm

Mercy Union - "Chips And Vics" from "The Quarry"
Sink Tapes - "It's A Feel" from "Playground Of Verses"
Levy & The Oaks - "Another Night Out In Asbury" from "Sound Of The City EP"
Sweet Joey's Thing of Beauty - "Am I Cool?" from "Am I Cool? b/w Matter / Energy"
Jankfoot - "Fooled By A Poser" from "Dead Lung"
Prospect - "Bootlicker" from "No Other Way"
Curtis Campbell - "Too Early To Say Goodbye" from "Soulus"
Reddmond & Joey - "All The While" from "Dark Blue"
The Cold Seas feat. Drew The Recluse - "Bloodstain" from "Bloodstain [single]"
Laree Cisco - "Don't Mean A Thang" from "Don't Mean A Thang [single]"
Doc Rotten - "Last Chance" from "Sick and Suffering"
Tru - "The Graduate" from "Growing Pains"
Andy Waldron - "Remind Me Tomorrow" from "The great american song b/w Remind me tomorrow"
Hello Whirled - "Driving Fours" from "White Wine Cities"
C.R. and the Degenerates - "White Noise" from "Coming Of Age"
Dentist - "Alone In The Garden" from "Night Swimming"

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