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Broadcast live on our station 8/13/18 @ 7pm

Murdock - "It's All Good" from "Rebirth"
No Shore. - "Where Is My Time" from "Strange Weekend x No Shore."
Andy Waldron - "New Sincerity" from "New Sincerity b/w Siren"
Sad About Girls - "Moment In A Box" from "Moment In A Box - Digital Single"
Maryann - "Hips, Lips and Eyes" from "Bongo Boy Records: Out of the Garage, Vol. 4"
Old Smile - "Indifferent Heart" from "Indifferent Heart/Climb"
Milkmen - "Johnny Dangerously" from "Milkmen [re-issue]"
Strange Weekend - "The Largest Oil Rig On Earth" from "Strange Weekend x No Shore."
Are We Ghosts - "By Chance Or Choice" from "Counterpoints"
Hope Forest - "Hold" from "Reveal The Light"
San Tropez - "I'll Just Phase You Out" from "The Demos."
Fidoh - "cherish-ed (demo)" from "cherish-ed (demo) [single]"
The River Mourning - "Escape" from "Rival Narrative"
Wisteria - "The Hour" from "WPRB Live Session"

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