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Broadcast live on our station 7/30/18 @ 7pm

Dentist - "Upset Words" from "Night Swimming"
Shoobies - "Hunny" from "Mocean"
D'arcy - "Lethal" from "D'arcy"
The Deafening Colors - "She Moved To Oklahoma" from "Suburban Drive"
Architect The Destroyer - "Daisy (Wade Jams Remix)" from "Daisy Remix"
Brewster - "Bird In An Airport" from "Bird In An Airport / Kiss Me While I'm Down"
The Vice Rags - "Reject" from "Hope The Neighbors Are Lookin'"
The Brothers Union - "A Space To Fill" from "Little Blue Room"
Fangers - "Way On" from "Way On [single]"
Minor Nelson - "Discounts" from "2018"
Mike Levine - "At The Station" from "At The Station [single]"
Collector - "Rock And Gold" from "Familiar Haunts"
Jasper & The Kids - "Can I Call You My Friend [Live]" from "Can I Call You My Friend [Live]"
Donnie Law - "Right Away" from "Clouds Keep Repeating"
Laree Cisco - "Ain't No Friend Of Mine" from "Trash Motown Vol. 1 Demos"

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