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Broadcast live on our station 7/23/18 @ 7pm

Atom Driver - "Vultures - demo" from "2018 Home Demos ...So Far"
Doc Rotten - "Sick And Suffering" from "Sick And Suffering"
Ernston - "Glass Palm" from "Clay City Rhythm"
Woodfish - "Damn Thang" from "Damn Thang [single]"
Brother Jerome - "Macho Man" from "Macho Man [single]"
Laree Cisco - "Can't Let you Go (demo)" from "Trash Motown Vol. 1 Demos"
Sink Tapes - "Yellow" from "Playground Of Verses"
Hello Whirled - "424 Shape" from "Open Casket Beach"
Steam Enginess - "Yellowbelly" from "Love & Ribbons"
Space Cadets - "Slowly (feat. Regrown)" from "Coming Along Slowly"
Rick Dill - "Passing Through" from "Rodeo"
Holly Mae - "Forever Ago" from "the Black EP"
Lampwikk - "These Tired Angel Eyes" from "Clear Conscience Facing Danger"
Basement Beers - "My Single, ˇ°My Single Is Droppingˇ± Is Dropping ft. Tom Van Herwarde" from "My Single, ˇ°My Single Is Droppingˇ± Is Dropping [single]"
Cellophane Daydream - "portrait (Live)" from "Live At The Stone Pony"
Ella Ross - "Hurt." from "Wasted Youth"

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