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Broadcast live on our station 7/16/18 @ 7pm

Save Face - "Heartache" from "Don't Mind Me"
Creating Clementine - "Heart Dr4op / Hopes Up" from "It's About That Time Again"
Rob Jennings - "Up All Night" from "Up All Night [single]"
C.R. and the Degenerates - "Marigold" from "Coming Of Age"
Old Smile - "Reappear" from "Falling Feeling"
Bruce Tunkel - "Bruce Tunkel's Blues" from "Bruce Tunkel's Blues [single]"
Tiphanie Doucet - "Come To Me" from "Under My Sun"
Uncle Einar - "Let It Ride Or Die" from "A Strange Litle Thing"
Drive, Kid - "Still Sunshine" from "Enjoy Being"
Sapwood - "Colorado" from "Songs About Love"
Greg Etter - "The Wind Chimes" from "The Wind Chimes [single]"
Joe Billy - "I Won't Miss Any Of U" from "Don't Mind Me"
The Rareflowers - "June" from "The Rareflowers"

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