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Broadcast live on our station 7/9/18 @ 7pm

Drive, Kid - "Burn Book" from "Enjoy Being"
Sam Wu - "Stories" from "Bringing The Cattitude: 2018"
Bruce Donnola - "The Massacre Of Bowling Green" from "Times New Roman - A Work in Progress (or Regress)"
The View From Here - "Human Suit" from "New Perspective"
Sinsanity - "Stop And Breathe" from "The Co-Op Communique Volume Four"
Apollo - "322" from "Apollo"
Clancy's Ghost - "Rave On" from "Last Man Standing"
Teleportation - "Self-Made Man" from "Teleportation"
Post Present - "Haze" from "Haze [single]"
Tru - "Loneliness" from "Growing Pains"
Uncle Einar - "Let It Ride Or Die" from "Owl"
Bruce Tunkel - "I'm Counting On You Too" from "I'm Counting On You Too [single]"
Greg Etter - "Keep The Lights On" from "Keep The Lights On [single]"
Sea Puppy - "A song about trying to forget him and failing miserably" from "I'll see you in the morning"

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