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Broadcast live on our station 7/2/18 @ 7pm

Ernston - "Stoop Kid" from "Clay City Rhythm"
Balding - "Dependent" from "Inn"
Blisstique - "Tonight My Dreams (feat. Rick Steff of Lucero)" from "Tonight My Dreams [single]"
Bruce Tunkel - "The One Time I Got Drunk" from "The One Time I Got Drunk [single]"
Shagbark - "Not Your Dad's American Football" from "(couch.)"
Diner Food - "Don't Need A Man" from "Bringing The Cattitude: 2018"
The Rareflowers - "New Generation" from "The Rareflowers"
The Mighty Alrighty - "My Time" from "The Confines"
Hell Maybe - "The Force" from "EP"
Holly Mae - "Without You" from "The White EP"
The Purple Rubber People Band - "Mean Man Lenin" from "The Purple Rubber People Band"
Vincent Brue - "A Prayer For Donny" from "A Prayer For Donny [single]"
J Thoubbs - "The Path" from "Disinterested With Everything"

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