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Lazlo's Den Presents New Music
Broadcast live on our station 6/19/18 @ 7pm

Leaders Of The Shift - "Steady The Gun" from "Steady The Gun [single]"
Repeat Repeat - "Echo" from "Bloom + Doom EP"
The Menzingers - "Toy Soldier" from "Toy Soldier [single]"
The Hudson Dusters - "Don't Be Blue Too Long" from "Dare To Dream"
Neko Case - "Curse Of The I-5 Corridor (feat. Mark Lanegan)" from "Hell-On"
Kate Dressed Up - "History & Art" from "History & Art [single]"
Three Star Revival - "Fade Away" from "Fade Away [single]"
Mad Caddies - "Sorrow [Bad Religion cover]" from "Punk Rocksteady"
Howard - "Your Honor" from "Your Honor [single]"
Idles - "Danny Nedelko" from "Joy"
The Get Up Kids - "Better this Way" from "Kicker"
Deadletter - "Pledge" from "Frank Turner Keep My Bones (Here Are Some Bones, You're Welcome)"
Culture Abuse - "California Speedball" from "Bay Dream"

#SupportGoodMusic - If you like what you hear, purchase the music from their site