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Broadcast live on our station 6/18/18 @ 7pm

Rob Jennings - "Keep In Mind" from "Keep In Mind [single]"
Dog Date - "Bad Dog" from "Little Cowboy"
Stiff Neck - "Hypocrite" from "this Town Needs An Enema!"
Jeff Linden and the Black Spot Society - "Life + 70" from "Frank Turner Keep My Bones (Here Are Some Bones, You're Welcome)"
Alex Torres - "Diary Full Of Grief" from "split tapes."
Ropetree - "Lost Again" from "The Saints of Asbury on their Stone Pony"
Dub Proof - "Roads" from "Dub Proof"
pxlflame - "Simulation" from "Songs From New Jersey"
Seablisscuit - "The Wheel Of Fortune" from "!Farewell Missoula!"
Royal Roads - "Laramie" from "Secret Things"
Sadboii The Band - "Dead God's Luv" from "Not A Luv Album"
Odd Summer - "Melancholy (Demo)" from "Melancholy (Demo)"
Dave Gunderson - "A Thrill For The Mind" from "Double Trouble State Park"
Aw Shucks - "If The Shoe Fits" from "Big Plans EP"
Hello Whirled - "Mechanical Bird" from "Tear The Night Apart"

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