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Broadcast live on our station 6/11/18 @ 7pm

Ser Xerri - "Sympathetic Response" from "The Hype"
Dog Date - "Cherry" from "Little Cowboy"
Sadboii The Band - "Summertime Luver (feat. Mel)" from "Summertime Luver"
The Rareflowers - "Shake" from "The Rareflowers"
Lowercase - "Beautiful Disaster (An Ice Cream Truck Submerged in Ice) [Demo]" from "LC: Your Life, Our Demos"
Doctor Lotto - "Top Deck Club" from "Neon Water: Charity Cruises"
Pynkie - "Ballad" from "Neoteny"
Louvena The Scout - "Streetlamp" from "Sulfur EP"
Druns - "Radioactive" from "Codependency (B-Sides + Noise)"
Autumn's Journey - "Repress and Compress" from "Sorry For Letting You Down... (demo)"
Hello Whirled - "Perfect Hide" from "Tear The Night Apart"
Smock - "Weird One" from "Interstellar Nobody"
9fm - "Little House" from "Little House"
Old Smile - "Stuck In Uncertainty II" from "Stuck In Uncertainty"
By Torchlight - "Far Away" from "The Space Between"

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