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Broadcast live on our station 6/4/18 @ 7pm

Mike Daly and the Planets - "Slack" from "Slack [single]"
Dusted - "Working Class Transplant" from "2018 Promo"
Royal Roads - "Sleep Over" from "Secret Things"
The Porchistas - "The Martyrs" from "Porch Drive"
Bruce Tunkel - "Bound By Love" from "Bound By Love [single]"
The Skullers - "I'm Your Man (Richard Hell cover)" from "I'm Your Man [single]"
Hit Like A Girl - "Cold To Be Alone" from "What Makes Love Last"
Reddmond & Joey - "The Last Light Beam" from "The Last Light Beam [single]"
Hunter's Run - "Thing Gone Wrong" from "Thing Gone Wrong [single]"
Luke Petela - "Naked" from "Vegetabls (demos)"
Stiff Neck - "The Elephant In The Room" from "Demo"
Wizard Brain - "Deep Within Dreams" from "Slump"
18th & Addison - "Waves" from "Vultures"
Shred Flintstone - "Dust Bunny" from "They're Not There"
EdTang & The Chops - "CK1" from "CK1 [single]"

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