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Broadcast live on our station 5/29/18 @ 7pm

Girls Named Jennifer - "Young American" from "Anachronism"
Skytop Motel - "Flotsam & Jetsam" from "Skytop Motel"
Devon Braxton - "(Time To Start) Making Moves" from "Making Moves - EP"
Lost In Society - "Stop Me Again" from "Eager Heart"
Outer Banks - "Crouching Spider Hidden Badger" from "Goo Parade"
Sally Draper - "The Time I Chose To Go To Prague" from "How Is That Fair?"
RedHouse/BlueHouse - "Something Something (Algo Algo)" from "Something Something (Algo Algo) [single]"
Grave Gardener - "Vintage Self" from "Ire b/w Vintage Self"
Blankplanet - "The City Is Quiet Tonight" from "In Falling Skies"
The Porchistas - "Intervention" from "Porch Drive"
Bel Air - "Grub" from "Bel Air"
Hello Whirled - "Into The Golden Amazon" from "Into The Golden Amazon [single]"
Boxset - "Lapse" from "Trek Era"
Jake Stanton - "It's Not That I Can't Remember. It's That I Don't Remember" from "Eternal Return"

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