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Broadcast live on our station 5/21/18 @ 7pm

The Ones You Forgot - "Here Forever" from "Too Afraid To Say"
chill/hilarious - "The Outcome" from "21&colder"
Houston And The Dirty Rats - "Pity Date" from "Pity Date [single]"
Secret Mountain - "Erased" from "Everyone In This Band Is Fat"
Vincent Brue - "Spend The Night" from "Spend The Night [single]"
Uncle Einar - "Nothing To Talk About" from "Owl"
Sonofdov - "Battle Lines" from "Battle Lines [single]"
Bruce Tunkel - "Live To Love It All" from "Live To Love It All [single]"
Trim Tabs - "What Was The Blight" from "What Was The Blight b/w No Hard Feelings"
Bobolink - "There and Back" from "There and Back"
Path - "Don't Ever Love Me" from "Still"
Finding Feebas - "Reality vs. the Dream" from "the Road To Letting Go"
Hello Whirled - "End Of Something" from "Songs To Get Hard To"
Molly Ringworm - "No Matter What (Live @ Soapbox)" from "No Matter What (Live @ Soapbox) [single]"
Jon Papaycik - "Blood Of A Brother (Demo)" from "Demos"
Losing Streak - "Chew Well" from "Chew Well [single]"

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