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Lazlo's Den Presents New Music
Broadcast live on our station 5/15/18 @ 7pm

Mastersystem - "Teething" from "Dance Music"
American Nudism - "Future 5-0" from "Future 5-0 [single]"
Eels - "You Are The Shining Light" from "The Deconstruction"
Coping Skills - "User Error" from "Worst New Music"
Absinthe Father - "i wrote this one it's called three beers deep crying at the metallica documentary" from "I Wrote One Of These Songs"
Alec James - "Winds Of The West" from "Carried By Cold Water"
Ian Moore - "Lords Of Levee" from "Toronto"
Million Miles - "Ice Cream & Cigarettes" from "Berry Hill"
Jennifer Castle - "Texas" from "Angels Of Death"
Peace - "Kindness Is The New Rock And Roll" from "Kindness Is The New Rock And Roll"
Rex Orange County - "Best Friend" from "Sampler"
The Alarm - "Beautiful" from "Beautiful [single]"
Brownout - "Fight The Power" from "Fear Of A Brown Planet"
Artson - "Brave Star" from "Brave Star"
Strung Out - "Duke Of Sorrow" from "Black Out The Sky"
Leeds - "No No No" from "Everything's Dandy!"

#SupportGoodMusic - If you like what you hear, purchase the music from their site