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Broadcast live on our station 5/14/18 @ 7pm

Sailor Boyfriend - "Do You Like Sonic Youth?" from "Exposure!"
Dangerfield - "Romero" from "Evolution Of Stupidity"
The Easy Outs - "Come On Come On" from "Gar Francis Songbook Volume One"
Mike Herz - "Knives In Gunfights" from "Live In NYC"
Table For One? - "Dirty Laundry" from "RMG Presents... Key Of RMG"
Jess And The Prolonged Existence - "Privileged Teenage Asshole Complains About Her Dad" from "Heading Out"
Modern Crowds - "Inside Out" from "Gold//Inside Out"
Anthony Friedlander - "My Little Dark Heart" from "Spirit"
9fm - "Absences v2.0" from "Allow Me Two Absences"
Professor Caveman - "Cardioversion (for tim)" from "Vol. 4"
Old Smile - "Impermanent Everything" from "Out Of Reach"
Honeyglow - "Pressure" from "Pressure [single]"
Chrome Agnon - "Ion You" from "Back In Time - Lost Hits of the 80's Vol. 2"
Bruce Tunkel - "Wrap You Up" from "Wrap You Up [single]"

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