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Broadcast live on our station 5/7/18 @ 7pm

Triple Goddess - "Hot And Ready" from "Ready To Burn"
Pep Rally - "Worse Advice" from "Emotional Labor Day"
Awkward Girls - "Gambit Of Emotions" from "Greatest Hits"
Wholewheat - "Ands Ifs Buts or Whys" from "Ands Ifs Buts or Whys [single]"
Barnop - "Completion [Demo]" from "Variations on Eastern Coastal Themes I: Barnop is Missing"
Skylar Pocket - "Boy" from "Crying Kind"
Ziillep - "Let You Go" from "Hypocritical"
Brian Topher - "Homecoming" from "Homecoming"
Reasonable People - "Output0ne" from "Output0ne [single]"
Uncle Einar - "The First Time Around" from "Owl"
Bruce Tunkel - "Life On The Line" from "Life On The Line [single]"
Louvena the Scout - "The Bugs" from "The Bugs EP"
S0F - "Infinity" from "RMG Presents... Key Of RMG"
Hello Whirled - "Out Of The Box" from "Out Of The Box"

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