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Broadcast live on our station 4/30/18 @ 7pm

Lost In Society - "Creature" from "Eager Heart"
Above The Moon - "San Junipero" from "Patterns You Create"
Yawn Mower - "Local Summer" from "Could Eat, Would Sleep"
Hit Like A Girl - "The Song I hoped You'd Never Hear" from "You Make Sense"
Bruce Tunkel - "New Day" from "New Day [single]"
Anthony Friedlander - "Night" from "Night [single]"
Petal Aggression - "Painful Life Lessons" from "Phonic Outtakes!1!1!"
Laree Cisco - "Pool Of Blood" from "Pool Of Blood [single]"
Pep Rally - "Bad Advice" from "Bad Advice [single]"
Dub Proof feat. Addis Pablo - "Rockers Dimension" from "Rockers Dimension"
Forever Losing Sleep - "Broken Dance" from "Ritualistic"
Old Smile - "What They Left" from "What They Left/Driving At Dawn"
Michael Sailer - "I Guess My Apple's Falling Here" from "Facing In or Phasing Out"
Kelly Caruso - "Born Dainty" from "Gar Francis Songbook Volume One"

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