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Broadcast live on our station 4/23/18 @ 7pm

Above The Moon - "Fight The Sea" from "Patterns You Create"
Laree Cisco - "Monster Under My Bed" from "Monster Under My Bed [single]"
The Carousers - "She's The Devil" from "The Carousers"
Sailor Boyfriend - "Exposure" from "Exposure!"
Bruce Tunkel - "Home Of The Brave" from "Home Of The Brave [single]"
Pretty Up Close - "Us Vs. The World" from "Us Vs. The World [single]"
Sean Kiely - "We Almost Made It" from "It Sure Was Good!"
Disko Sam - "Be Your Man" from "Demos"
Kailey Rocker - "Kansas City Stardust" from "They Who Pick Flowers"
Jo Stones - "Sidelines" from "Masquerade"
Karl Lackner - "There's Always The Sun" from "A Sort Of Color"
Hello Whirled - "April Lie" from "Warm Spring Day"
The Bottom Most - "Dry-Humping a Rattlesnake" from "Dismal"
Dump Weed - "Bullies Suck" from "Bullies Suck [single]"
Fat Chance! - "This Time, It's Personnel!" from "This Time, It's A Single!"
LKFFCT - "Revenge Of The Ginker" from "Cayenne"

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