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Broadcast live on our station 4/16/18 @ 7pm

Matt Collaborate - "30" from "30"
Marcy - "new Reality" from "New Reality [single]"
Autumn's Journey - "The Cold" from "Demos"
Dead Fish Handshake - "Love/Remains" from "Love/Remains [single]"
Steve Bello - "Time To Fly" from "Marblehead"
Curtis Campbell - "This Town Sucks And So Do You" from "The Masquerade"
Disko Sam - "Down Down Up" from "Back To The Cool"
Smash Jackson - "Paradise" from "Democide"
Precious Little Life - "The Art Of Waiting" from "128"
18th & Addison - "Time Bomb" from "Vultures"
Secret Mountain - "Instagram Death Threat" from "Everyone In This Band Is Fat"
Bruce Tunkel - "The Blessing Of Time" from "The Blessing Of Time [single]"
Old Smile - "Worn Out Day" from "Same Dream Simple Life"
Reddmond & Joey - "Denied" from "Denied [single]"
Diego Allessandro - "Walker's Lullaby" from "This American Life"

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