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Broadcast live on our station 4/9/18 @ 7pm

Lowlight - "Can't Stop Now" from "Born To Run"
Crust - "Grooves On My Mind" from "Turtle Grooves 2.0"
Save Face - "Bad" from "Bad [single]"
James Booth & The Return - "Jennifer Black (BBC Mock-Up Version)" from "Tales From The Sock Orphanage"
Danny Dearest - "Sweet Changes" from "A Game To Play"
Rob Jennings - "Shamed (Vocal Demo)" from "The World Was On My Side (Demos)"
Eryn - "Running Red Lights" from "Lady E"
Chris J. Smith - "Revolutionaries (feat. Sahara Moon, Josh Werner & Halley Feaster)" from "Revolutionaries (feat. Sahara Moon, Josh Werner & Halley Feaster) [single]"
Experiment 34 - "Cut The String" from "Cut the String [single]"
Fox Eyes - "Losing A Friend To Me Is Timing" from "Fox Eyes"
Subtitles - "View From The Bleachers" from "Modicum"
Middle Relief - "Pistachio" from "Gap Year"
Amanda Rose Riley - "This Ain't Your Mama's Bahamas Cruise" from "Salty Dog Songs"
Honeyglow - "Absence" from "I Know You're Lonely Too"
Clutch Cabin - "Will You?" from "For Her"

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