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Broadcast live on our station 4/4/18 @ 7pm

Elemae - "Hospitals & Mazes" from "Fiction EP"
Gambo - "White Spider" from "Adult Cool"
Secretary Legs - "Sally Ride" from "Cool Myths"
By Torchlight - "Far Away" from "The Flames Of The Phoenix, Pt. 2"
Honeyglow - "Violets (Teen Suicide cover)" from "Violets (Teen Suicide cover) [single]"
Consolation Prize - "I Like U" from "I Like U [single]"
Michael Stephen Moore - "Trouble Downstairs" from "Ego"
Thought Club - "Chillen" from "Join The Club"
Phulton - "Dunce Brunch (Live At Wild Iris)" from "Dunce Brunch (Live At Wild Iris)"
Bruce Tunkel - "Freedom's Final Stand" from "Freedom's Final Stand [single]"
Sea Puppy - "Jumping 4 Joy(less)" from "Dad On Vacation"
Lay Low - "Chants" from "EP"
The Fireside Chats NJ - "Jim Joyce" from "Silverton"
Uncle Einar - "About The Brain" from "Owl"

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