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Broadcast live on our station 3/26/18 @ 7pm

Hit Like A Girl - "It's Always You" from "You Make Sense"
Genevieve & Hemmy - "The Gorge" from "The Gorge"
In Spirit - "Skin Deep" from "Birds Of The Air"
Cold Weather Company - "Reclamation" from "Reclamation [single]"
ManDancing - "(the) words" from "Everyone Else [re-issue]"
Autumn's Journey - "Stories To Be Forgotten" from "Bittersweet Accident (Demo)"
Middle Relief - "Pizza Roles" from "Budweiser/Pizza Roles"
Dead In Dog Years - "So It Goes" from "Dead In Dog Years"
The World's Afterparty - "The Drapes (live)" from "(Live)"
Todd Weisse - "Wasted Time" from "Hope EP"
Circledropper - "Late" from "Circledropper"
Bruce Tunkel - "Speak Up" from "Speak Up [single]"
Lily Vakili - "Lovey Came Down" from "Lovey Came Down [single]"
Lowercase - "The Man Comes Around (Johnny Cash cover)" from "The Man Comes Around [single]"
la vi - "are they hiring" from "too"

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