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Broadcast live on our station 3/14/18 @ 7pm

Old Currents - "What's a Bar Like You Doing in a Girl Like This?" from "Three Chords & The Truth"
Shutter - "Happy Song" from "Hue(s) & Colors"
Hello Whirled - "Jars Of Me" from "Magna Aliqua"
Baron Praxis - "Spirit That I Am" from "Satanic Panic"
Shithead's Rainbow - "Big Eyes" from "Ludlows"
la vi - "hney" from "hney [single]"
Zebrantula - "Safar-I" from "Demo"
hazy daisies - "mechanical sounds" from "hazy daisies"
Dino Petaccio & The Intruders - "Panama St. High" from "Memories You Left In This Town"
Amanda Rose Riley - "A Song That's Not In G" from "Secrets I Told To A Sound Hole"
Sonofdov - "Only If Your Heart Begins To Fade (alt-version)" from "Wolves"
Westfalia - "Fever Dream" from "Moving Car"
Dylan Mayer - "Don't Call Me Baby" from "On Cuthbert Ave"
Dominic DiTaranto - "New Jersey Again" from "Chicago/New Jersey"
The Fireside Chats NJ - "The Air Around You" from "Silverton"

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