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Broadcast live on our station 3/12/18 @ 7pm

Drive, Kid - "Map" from "Picturesque - EP"
Tempus Fugit - "Unapologetic" from "The Basement Tapes"
With Sails Ahead - "Willow" from "Morning Sun"
Eryn - "Hallelujah You're Gone" from "Lady E"
Madi Sileo - "Wonderful Life (feat Bheffs)" from "Wonderful Life (feat Bheffs) [single]"
aBIRD - "A Cool Island Song" from "A Cool Island Song [single]"
Brandon Broderick - "The Tide" from "The Tide [single]"
Sunbowl - "Day Off" from "Day Off [single]"
Bruce Tunkel - "No Way To Live" from "No Way To Live [single]"
Laree Cisco - "Pisces Heart" from "Pisces Heart"
Consolation Prize - "Last Round Of The Draft" from "S/T"
Anthems For Autumn - "Feel Me" from "Feel Me [single]"
Shel Zeke - "Face" from "Lo-Fi & Lackadaisical"
Berkeley Arms - "Floodlight" from "Floodlight [single]"

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