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Broadcast live on our station 3/5/18 @ 7pm

Westfalia - "I Woke Up Yesterday" from "Moving Car"
Psykidelic Oven Mit - "Go Your Own Way" from "Love's Labour's Loosed - A Co-Op Communique Flash Compilation "
Girl Germs - "Scary Movie 3" from "S/T"
The Accelerators - "I'm Stuck Inside An Episode Of The Twilight Zone" from "Bongo Boy Records Revolution Volume One"
Laree Cisco - "This Is My Life" from "FAWM 2018"
Sell Yourself Short - "Empty Parking Lot" from "Sell Yourself Short"
Sonofdov - "Wolves" from "Wolves"
Dylan Mayer - "Finishing School" from "On Cuthbert Ave"
Val Emmich - "Cave" from "Cave [single]"
Grooves and Hiphop - "Broken Planet" from "Demo"
Uncle Einar - "in The Cards" from "Find Me In The Twilight"
Hello Whirled - "In The Company Of Wasps + Seedstepping" from "Pods On The Lawn"
Amanda Rose Riley - "Secrets I Told To A Sound Hole" from "Secrets I Told To A Sound Hole"
Timelord Smith - "Sparkly Dress" from "Observer Highway"
The Satisfactors - "Johnny Commando" from "Bongo Boy Records Revolution Volume One"
Quinn Kennedy - "Becoming A Great Person" from "Becoming A Great Person [single]"
Backspacebackburner - "Not Me For A Second" from "Sad Boy Coombe"

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