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Broadcast live on our station 2/19/18 @ 7pm

Amanda Rose Riley - "Music Is Enough" from "Secrets I Told To A Sound Hole"
Another Step Brother - "Phone Call" from "Waste"
Dave Gunderson - "Cedar Water" from "Caleidoscope"
The Stolen - "Overboard" from "Overboard [single]"
Violet Fluid - "Ghosts Of Past Lives" from "Leave The Past"
Wild Vivid Bloom - "Perspectives" from "Wild Vivid Bloom EP"
By Torchlight - "Raise The Dead" from "The Flames Of The Phoenix Pt. 1"
Brian Rothenbeck & The Adventuring Party - "A Conversation" from "Basilisk"
Gar Francis - "Fast Train" from "Homestead Vol. 2"
Quinn Kennedy - "I'm Going Down" from "I'm Going Down [single]"
Catherine Wacha - "Status Quo" from "The Status Quo"
Scream Hello - "Goodbye New Brunswick (and thanks for all the broken windshields)" from "The Rest Of"
Bruce Tunkel - "Bed Of The Devil" from "Bed Of The Devil [single]"
Sink Tapes - "Drawing Cards" from "Secret Club"

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