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Broadcast live on our station 2/12/18 @ 7pm

Ancient Babies - "Na5" from "Put Me Back In The Sunshine"
Yawn Mower - "Convenience Store (ft. MattyPasq, Kon Sweetie, & Dey Bishop)" from "Waffle House"
Shithead's Rainbow - "Bad" from "Ludlows"
Bobby Mahoney and the Seventh Son - "Black and Milds" from "Bobby Mahoney and the Seventh Son EP"
Monster Magnet - "Mindfucker" from "Mindfucker"
Laree Cisco - "Monster Under My Bed" from "FAWM 2018"
High Violet - "Need" from "Physical Education"
Hello Whirled - "Maybe I'm Wrong" from "Lovesick Cure"
Sink Tapes - "Wizard Shit" from "Wizard Shit [single]"
Staten - "State Fault" from "It's OK"
Chris Rockwell - "I Made U A Mix Tape" from "10 years In The Breaking"
Bruce Tunkel - "Time Nor Miles" from "Time Nor Miles [single]"

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