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Broadcast live on our station 2/5/18 @ 7pm

The Mutts - "Broken Boy" from "Party Of Two"
Jack Names The Planets - "Ghost Stories" from "Ghost Stories [single]"
Anthony Arthur Friedlander - "Better" from "Bitter/Better (incomplete)"
Sell Yourself Short - "All We Have" from "All We Have [single]"
Jon Caspi - "Twisted" from "Golden Hits"
Takoda - "In The Event of My Death (Burn My Shit)" from "Keep Going, It's Fine"
jess and the prolonged existence - "every birthday" from "issues & insecurities"
Bruce Tunkel - "21st Century Bop" from "21st Century Bop [single]"
Rob Jennings - "Over My Head" from "Falling Through"
J Thoubbs - "Cue The Lights, Brah!" from "J Thoubbs and the Fantastic Orchestra of Wisdom + Knowledge"
Sam Duke - "il pleut" from "etc."
Carrying Kimberly - "Ghost Us" from "Haunt The Meadow"
Rick Barry - "How To Get Lost In a Crowd" from "The Ardor Of Bloom/How To Get Lost In a Crowd"
Royer Zamu - "Dance Savvy" from "Royer Zamu (EP)"
Corey Meehan - "Two Ceilings" from "Former"

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