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Broadcast live on our station 1/29/18 @ 7pm

Tony Saxon - "Want Me" from "Old Souls and Long Term Goals"
Rubber Band Gun - "L.A. Hick" from "RBG 6 demos Vol. 1"
Fat Chance - "Itch" from "Itch [single]"
Old Currents - "Pressure and Time" from "Three Chords & The Truth"
BrainStorm - "The Anthem" from "BrainStorm"
BoundAlive - "Fake" from "Fake [single]"
Val Emmich - "Party Mood" from "Party Mood [single]"
Bruce Tunkel - "Better Things" from "Better Things [single]"
Rob Jennings - "Falling Through" from "Falling Through [single]"
Aquarium Beach - "Trish" from "Sunburn"
Marc Ambrosia - "One Step Back" from "One Step Back [single]"
Possum In My Room - "Andrew Johnson Was Abducted By Aliens" from "Superstition"
Spider Rockets - "Hey Hey" from "Along Came A Spider"
Curtis Campbell - "Wild One [Green Day cover]" from "Wild One [single]"

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